2024.03.02 - Live Music: Jon-Nolan Parsea

Date: Sat, Mar 2, 2024
Time 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Venue: Page Springs Cellars, 1500 N Page Springs Road, Cornville AZ 86325
Contact: Tasting Room
Phone: (928) 639-3004

Jon-Nolan has been a professional musician since 1977 and has worked with many bands in Arizona and California. His current project is doing single (singer/songwriter) gigs in the Northern Arizona area Wineries, Microbreweries, Farmer Markets, and Private Parties. When asked, " what type of music do you play" he responds: "Great Songs".

He covers a wide range of music from pop, folk, rock, and country. He is very good with an audience and loves to interact with those in attendance at his shows. His influences are Bruce Cockburn, Eagles, Snow Patrol, Neil Young, Talking Heads, Bear's Den, and many others.

Like most musicians, he purchased some recording equipment and began the process of learning how to use the hardware and software, he started recording his first album "Credenza" which was released on 12/24/2016 under the Purple Lodi Records label. The album is on  Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and up to 100 similar type music portals around the world.

As a recording artist he has three styles of music that he records; the first, he calls documentary-motivated drone music, the second is a type of new age relaxation style, and finally acoustic wherein plays guitar, sings, and plays other instruments. 
Stay tuned for the next two albums and be on the lookout for his first acoustic album which he has started working on in 2017.

Finally, Jon-Nolan plays a Collings Guitars. He loves the full body of sound of the guitar and the comfort of playing the guitar. Thank you Collings Guitars for building such a great instrument!

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